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For Advisory services, I help small and medium-sized business effectively navigate business risks and opportunities—from strategic, reputation, and financial risks to operational, and regulatory risks—to gain competitive advantage. I apply our 25 years of experience in ongoing business operations and corporate lifecycle events to help clients become stronger and more resilient.

Advising: Projects

Financial Risk, Transactions & Restructuring

Fast-changing global markets demand organizations have financial stability and liquidity. The right outcomes depend on continuous rigor in governance and processes across an array of transactional events. KMP Business Consulting Services help companies effectively manage finance and operations risk in order to drive performance and results, and become stronger than ever. We offer solutions designed to help address a variety of risks that result from regulatory changes, market volatility, corporate events, and growing third-party relationships.

Regulatory & Operational Risk

Businesses today face complex regulations and often volatile operating environments as the regulatory landscape continues to increase in complexity.  KMP Business Consulting Services leverages deep knowledge of industry-specific issues with innovative and technology-enabled solutions to help predict changes in the regulatory risk and operational environment, preserve and create organizational value, and respond to regulatory changes or risk failures when they occur.

I help clients more proactively manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance.

- Anti-money laundering
- Business operations
- Enterprise compliance
- Financial markets
- Regulatory, risk and capital

Human Resources

KMP Business Consulting Services advise business on employment-related issues and suggest, or introduce new ideas to assist.  I have provided that function as a management partner to our clients.  

I provide expert human resources advice on everything from recruiting, hiring, and firing to personnel issues, policy development, and much more.  

My consulting takes several forms—it may be a discussion over the telephone or a reply by email. It may be answering a simple question or providing the strategic plan to layoff staff. Sometimes I travel to the client’s office to assist with a termination or layoff in person. Other times I prepare all the paperwork and customize it so it is instantly ready to go.

It could be and often is about any subject you can think of that involves employees. When needed, I call attorneys and get their advice—at no additional cost to our clients.

I work with companies in almost all industries and in all states. I have learned to ask good questions to move from the presenting problem to what is really going on so we can be most effective.

My goal is to have my clients feel better off for having talked with me than the client did before—more confident, more clear about next steps, and better educated and prepared for next time.

Does your company need our Advising services? Message me today.

Advising: Services
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