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Creative Ways to Transfer Wealth

Often in my practice, clients ask me for creative ways to transfer wealth to their children. Often, depending on your circumstances, trusts are a good option. However, if you have millions to transfer, a much more creative way to transfer wealth is a Family Holding Company. If set up right a family holding company can be used to gift millions of dollars tax-free to heirs and others, while retaining control of assets and binding a group together economically.  In addition, a

10 Important Questions Regarding Your Business

1. Corporate Compliance: Is your business complying with company and corporate formalities by drafting the proper resolutions, minutes, and similar documents that are required under state law. 2. Documents: Although there are quite a few self-help legal guides and pre-printed forms on the internet, are you taking too much of a significant risk by relying on these forms to protect your business and its assets. For example, are you contracts properly protecting you in the ca

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