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KMP Business Consulting Services'​ Breadth of Business Experience Yields Positive Results for Small

No matter what stage of life your business is at, KMP Business Consulting Services can help it grow.

Kenneth Mitchell-Phillips, J.D., M.S., owner of KMP Business Consulting Services, specializes in solving the critical issues facing clients, both large and small. The unique approach is not only what differentiates him, but also what makes him successful. He provides a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity.

Unlike many consultants, Kenneth Mitchell-Phillips, J.D., M.S. spent the first part of his career working for international law firms, federal and state governmental bodies and at several Fortune 500 companies. As a result, he has acquired a variety of knowledge and experience in many different areas of law, which allows him to bring added value to his clients. And while big consultant companies law can be hamstrung by inflexible pricing and a cookie-cutter approach to individual problems, Kenneth Mitchell-Phillips J.D., M.S.’s professional experience allows him to offer the same high-quality services offered at larger consultant firms at a more reasonable price.

This allows Kenneth Mitchell-Phillips, J.D., M.S. to develop better relationships with his clients and a deeper connection with their businesses in order to provide more personalized legal advice.

Kenneth Mitchell-Phillip, J.D. earned a M.S. Degree in Business, a J.D., and currently trains on Business Law, Finance, and General Business topics. You can find more information at

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